Warnning signs Early Warning Signs of ANEMIAYou Really Shouldn’t Ignore

Early Warning Signs of ANEMIAYou Really Shouldn’t Ignore

Shortness of Breath

As anemia progresses, the body’s tissues and organs may not receive enough oxygen, leading to shortness of breath. Even simple activities such as climbing stairs or walking short distances may leave individuals feeling breathless. This symptom is particularly noticeable during physical exertion but can also occur at rest in severe cases of anemia.


The red color of blood is attributed to hemoglobin, which also gives skin a rosy tint.. When hemoglobin levels are low, the skin may appear pale or sallow. This paleness is most evident in the face, lips, and inner lining of the lower eyelids. Checking the color of the gums and the inside of the lower eyelids can provide clues about a person’s overall health and hemoglobin levels.

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