Once upon a time in the quirky little town of Mischiefville, there were two mischievous brothers named Max and Felix. They were infamous troublemakers, and their antics always kept the entire town on their toes.

One sunny morning, the townsfolk woke up to a peculiar sight – all the mailboxes in Mischiefville had been swapped! The postman was delivering letters to the wrong houses, and chaos ensued. Grumpy old Mr. Jenkins received love letters intended for the sweet widow Mrs. Thompson, while the mayor found himself holding a letter from the local kids’ club instead of important government documents.

As expected, everyone knew it could only be the work of Max and Felix. They had a reputation for pulling off such elaborate pranks. The townspeople couldn’t help but chuckle at their cleverness, but they were also determined to find a way to outsmart the mischievous duo.

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