Sidney was a 14-year-old boy with a curiosity that knew no bounds

With their newfound friend in tow, Sidney and Sophie headed back home to set up their impromptu lab. They gathered test tubes, beakers, and even safety goggles (just in case Sir Hopper got a little too adventurous).

Their first experiment involved seeing how far Sir Hopper could leap in one giant hop. The outcomes were, to put it mildly, hilarious. The frog’s jump was so powerful that it ended up knocking over a stack of books, sending Sidney and Sophie into fits of laughter.

Next came the “Feast or Fright” experiment. They presented Sir Hopper with a series of foods to see his reaction. When offered a fly, he gobbled it up with delight. But when they placed a tiny piece of carrot in front of him, he simply stared at it, as if offended by the culinary insult.

Throughout the day, Sidney and Sophie’s laughter echoed through the house as they carried out more hilarious experiments with their newfound frog friend. They even tried to teach Sir Hopper some basic math, but it seemed like he was more interested in hopping around than adding numbers.

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