The curious snake

Why did the snake refuse to take the tonic?

Because he doesn’t want to become a hiss!

Read a story about a curious snake

Once upon a time, in a dense and vibrant jungle, there lived a curious and mischievous snake named Slyther. Slyther was not your typical snake; he had a penchant for experimenting with peculiar tastes. While other snakes slithered about in search of rodents and insects, Slyther had a craving that set him apart – tonic.

One sunny morning, Slyther was sunbathing on a rock, his emerald scales glistening in the dappled light that filtered through the canopy. His coil-shaped body was comfortably settled on the warm surface, basking in the tranquility of the jungle. As Slyther dozed, he overheard some birds chirping excitedly about a nearby clearing, where a group of jungle animals had gathered for a grand feast.

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