1. Sudden and Severe Headache: One of the warning signs that your body may send you before a stroke is a sudden and severe headache, which is different from a usual headache. It often feels like the worst headache of your life and can be accompanied by other symptoms.
  2. Facial Weakness or Drooping: Another common warning sign is facial weakness or drooping. This can manifest as a lopsided smile or difficulty moving one side of the face.
  3. Numbness or Weakness in the Limbs: One side of the body may experience sudden numbness or weakness. It can affect the arm, leg, or both, and typically occurs on one side of the body.
  4. Trouble Speaking or Understanding: Difficulty speaking or understanding others can be a sign of an impending stroke. Slurred speech, confusion, or trouble finding the right words are typical symptoms.
  5. Vision Problems: Blurred or double vision, sudden vision loss, or difficulty focusing on objects can indicate an oncoming stroke.
  6. Dizziness or Loss of Balance: Feeling dizzy or experiencing a loss of balance and coordination can be warning signs. It may result in stumbling, difficulty walking, or a sudden fall.
  7. Difficulty Walking: If you suddenly find it hard to walk or maintain balance without any apparent cause, it could be an indication of an impending stroke.

Risk Factors for Stroke

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