FunY JOK A little girl named Lily tugged on her mother’s

A little girl named Lily tugged on her mother’s

Little girl: “Mom, why do you always carry a purse?” Mother: “Well, sweetie, it’s where I keep all my ’emergency’ snacks.” Little girl: “Oh, I get it! So it’s your ‘momergency’ kit!”

A little girl was about to be kidnapped

A little girl named Lily tugged on her mother’s apron, her big brown eyes filled with curiosity and a hint of concern. “Mummy,” she said, her voice filled with innocence, “when you were away at work, a strange lady came around.”

Her mother, Sarah, was in the midst of preparing dinner, her hands covered in flour as she kneaded dough for the evening’s homemade pizza. She wiped her hands on a kitchen towel, looking down at her daughter. “Not now, sweetie,” she replied, her tone distracted but gentle. “Wait until Daddy gets home.”

Lily’s anticipation grew, and she fidgeted with the frills on her dress as the minutes stretched on. She couldn’t shake the unease that had settled in her small heart. She watched the clock on the wall, each tick-tock resonating through the kitchen like a distant drumbeat.

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