Finally, the front door swung open, and Lily’s father, Mark, entered with a tired smile. He hung his coat on the rack, and the aroma of freshly baked bread and pizza sauce filled the air. “I’m home!” he called out, his voice warm and welcoming.

Lily rushed over to her father and hugged his leg, her face still bearing that look of innocent concern. “Daddy, you’re finally home! Mummy said we should wait for you.”

Mark smiled down at his daughter, ruffling her hair affectionately. “Well, what’s going on, sweetie? What’s so important that we had to wait?”

Lily turned to her mother, who had been stirring a pot of sauce on the stove. “Mummy said to wait to tell you about the strange lady who came around today.”

Mark exchanged a curious glance with Sarah, who suddenly looked more than a little concerned. She set the wooden spoon down and turned to face her husband. “Mark I haven’t had an opportunity to inform you yet.”

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