Lumps on the neck, back, or behind the ear may be cause for concern. Here we will look at their possible causes and how to identify and treat them effectively.

Signs and symptoms

Knowing the signs and symptoms associated with bumps on the neck, back or behind the ear is essential. These signs may include swelling, pain, or even a change in color. Individuals should be aware of changes in their body and monitor any symptoms that concern them.


Self-checking blocks can be an effective early detection tool. Individuals can perform a simple examination regularly to check for any abnormal changes in the body. This involves gently touching the lumps and looking for any changes in size or shape.

Block types

Lumps vary depending on the tissues involved and the causes that lead to their appearance. It can be fatty, bony or glandular. Understanding which type may be present helps determine next steps in care and treatment.

Causes of blockages

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